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Iwan Gulenko - Personalvermittler

I am Iwan (iwan@coderfit.com, Linkedin). I am a former engineer turned technical recruiter. After working for three years as a programmer, I am helping companies with their tech recruiting needs.

Right now we are not only sourcing and vetting great engineers, we also match and make them pair program with experts in their stack. We record 10-15 min video-interviews and make candidates proceed faster through hiring funnels at great tech-firms in Zurich, Switzerland.

Meine Branchenschwerpunkte
IT & Internet
Skillbereiche auf die ich spezialisiert bin
Consulting, Engineering
Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence
Embedded Systems
IT Leitung, Teamleitung
IT Prozessmanagement
Qualitätssicherung, Qualitätsprüfung
Systemadministration, Netzwerkadministration
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Angebotene offene Stellen
Vertriebsgebiet: Schweiz
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menschlich und professionel


Ich fand Iwan sehr professionell in seinem Vorgehen. Er gab mir viele gute Tipps beim CV , Bewerbungsprozess etc...und vorallem ...verglichen mit den Erfahrungen mit anderen Agenturen etc. ist er extrem schnell und handelt! Ich kann ihn nur weiterempfehlen.

Empfehlung vom 2021-02-26 15:25:21


Iwan responds quickly and he offers a lot of extra resources that are very useful. Partly because of him, I have improved my CV considerably and I have a clear picture of what to expect during the applications.

Empfehlung vom 2021-02-09 18:22:11

Hervorragende Betreuung


Ich bin über die Webseite (coderfit.com) von Iwan auf seine hervorragenden Dienstleistungen aufmerksam geworden. Iwan kommuniziert stets ehrlich, direkt und zielgerichtet. Für den Bewerbungsprozess wurde ich von Iwan detailliert gebrieft und konnte einen optimalen Eindruck hinterlassen. Ich kann Iwan vorbehaltlos als Recruiter weiterempfehlen und werde in Zukunft selber auf ihn zurückkommen.

Empfehlung vom 2021-02-09 09:40:01

Professionell und zielgerichtet


In den letzten zwei Monaten hatte ich das Vergnügen, mit Iwan auf die Jagd nach passenden Stellenangeboten zu gehen. Dabei hat mir besonders gefallen, dass er ohne Umschweife zum Kern gelangt, was heutzutage nicht selbstverständlich ist. Während des darauffolgenden Bewerbungsprozesses bei einem potenziellen Arbeitgeber hat er mich tatkräftig unterstützt (Übungen der Vorstellungsgespräche und Präsentationen und sogar eine live Coding Session). Weiter so und jederzeit gerne wieder!

Empfehlung vom 2021-01-27 23:26:48

Kein Recruiter mit IT-Kentnisse: er ist ein Fullstack Programmierer mit Recruiter Kentnisse!


Das heisst, er versteht was ist was, und wie alles funktioniert. Er versteht was der Markt braucht, da er die Technologien versteht und kennt, und nicht nur die Bezeichnungen. Das hilft unglaublich viel, da Iwan dich als Mensch-zu-Mensch verstehen kann um dich in die beste Richtung zu stoßen. Amazing People-skills auch, immer für dich da, und sehr ehrlich und neutral (sogar wenn seine berufliche Interesse auf die Seite legen muss!

Empfehlung vom 2021-01-02 18:02:00

Good guidance and advice


Had the oportunity to consult with Iwan on several job offers. He provided good advice for job search and salary negociation.

Empfehlung vom 2020-12-17 20:08:08

Knowledgeable, friendly, responsive and patient.


I've been in touch with Iwan on-and-off for years now. Iwan is what you want from your recruiter - he has good knowledge of the market, and on top of that has an actual computer science and developer background. Even though at the end I went with offer I found, Iwan still selflessly advised and helped. Besides that we had good discussion even on off-topic matters. Speaking honestly and without exaggeration, I think it's near impossible to find a better recruiter in Zurich. Thank you Iwan!

Empfehlung vom 2020-11-25 14:07:57


I had a great experience working with Iwan. He knows the industry well and at the same time is very honest, transparent and efficient with his communication. Therefore he quickly provided me with some good matches. He also helped me a lot with a career advice.

Empfehlung vom 2020-11-02 13:58:56


Working with Iwan was a great experience from A to Z. He asks the right questions, and will have a couple of good matches before you know it. He communicates extremely quickly, direct, and no-nonsense. Also, he provides coaching and support during the application process, interviews, and negotiations, which is really unique value. Highly recommended for both employers and IT jobseekers.

Empfehlung vom 2020-11-01 16:36:26

Best recruiting service I have had


Iwan is the most caring recruiter that I had a privilege to work with. Iwan has a technical background, and for this reason you can expect a very good advice for your career that would keep you competitive and interesting for the Swiss market in the future. If you are changing your career path, I definitely recommend contacting Iwan to get the most out of it.

Empfehlung vom 2020-09-11 17:59:12

very good recruiter


This recruiter can be recommended. What I liked the most was fast communication within 1 day, good knowledge of the market in Switzerland and deep understanding of technology.

Empfehlung vom 2020-08-26 20:04:20

Amazing recruiter


Iwan is an amazing recruiter. He is one of the few that really understand how the IT world works, knows the technologies, can really estimate the knowledge of the candidate and has a great network of amazing companies.In addition to this, he's extremely supportive on all stages, from initial contact to salary negotiation. Highly appreciated and recommended!

Empfehlung vom 2020-08-07 11:19:30

Great experience


The whole experience with Iwan was a pretty pleasant one. He knew what questions to ask to get the desired info and I also felt pretty comfortable talking with him so of course, everything went even smoother. The fact that he is also pretty knowledgeable on the tech side most likely had something to do with this. You feel listened and understood and not just a list of checkboxes. Sure enough, he was quick to find me interviews and also advised me on how much to ask.

Empfehlung vom 2020-07-30 13:06:44

Best Person to Work With


Iwan is the best IT recruiter I ever worked with. What makes his approach unique to others is that he represents the sweet spot between being a professional and a laid-back person. He's an active coder as well and that makes getting into technical details as easy as he'd be your cool team mate. At the same time, he is very precise in conversations, keeps on focus on the most crucial information and cuts off unnecessary bs. I owe Ivan a completely different view on the recruitment process.

Empfehlung vom 2020-06-12 16:34:44

Great experience


I've enjoyed the interview with Iwan very much. I really appreciated how the written and spoken interactions took place. It was nice being approached by someone with a great technical background. It will give you the sensation of being appreciated to the full length of your potential. Your persona will not be misrepresented towards a potential employer. Give him a chance and you will learn something new!

Empfehlung vom 2020-03-17 21:11:33

Solid recruitment skills and plenty of really useful advice on offer


Iwan first helped me find a job in Zurich back in 2018. Although I ended up accepting an offer at a different company, he gave me plenty of useful advice, he critiqued constructively and objectively my CV as well as my overall approach to looking for a job. He approached me again at the beginning of 2020 and successfully helped me land a very good opportunity at a highly reputable company based just outside Zurich. Once again, his help, particularly with salary negotiations, was invaluable.

Empfehlung vom 2020-03-01 20:25:03


Iwan is an outstanding recruiter. From the first email on I knew that he is interested in knowing who i'am and what I want instead of sending me a ton of offers with a lot tech buzzwords like others do. I was pleasantly surprised that we only did communicate via email, and he never pushed to call or meet even when I replied just some words he realized that I might be short in time and adjusted the communication from his side to the same.

Empfehlung vom 2019-11-05 09:38:13

Amazing headhunter in action


I've had experience of being recruited by Ivan recently. I must admit this was really a pleasant time. Ivan's approach to the recruitment process is really unique. I was happy that he really tries to stay in contact with me all the time and updates me on a daily basis. He also collected my feedback as much as possible which allowed him to even better propose further job positions for me. It was really refreshing to work with someone like Ivan and I could recommend him to anyone looking for a job

Empfehlung vom 2019-09-01 23:12:27

Most awesome recruiter I have ever worked with


It’s rare that you come across a recruiter who actually cares about the candidate’s preferenced. I had the pleasure of working with Iwan during my search for a tech job in Switzerland. I was particularly impressed by Iwan’s ability to get me a much better offer from an employer than the initial one. It’s almost like he was a personal coach for guaranteed success in the Swiss tech industry. Anyone, who wants to work in the Swiss tech industry, would be lucky to have Iwan as their recruiter.

Empfehlung vom 2019-07-26 21:23:14

Above and beyond


We stayed in touch over the course of 5/6 months looking for opportunities in the iOS development industry in Zurich. Iwan took the liberty to search and contact different companies to assess their interest in expanding their teams, which I consider to be the differentiator when comparing to other recruiters I worked with. His dedication is commendable and anyone interested in moving to Switzerland should definitely get in touch with him, you will definitely witness the difference.

Empfehlung vom 2019-06-21 11:13:55

Best recruiter I ever met


Iwan presented me companies and he tested me to check carefully if I am a good fit for the desired job position. Iwan is an amazing mentor that gave me very good tips about how to successfully present myself to a company that I am applying to. Thanks to him I am able to get better salaries in better jobs with better conditions. All is about showing our best values to the firms and Iwan was who taught me how to reach that. I like his kindness to help me when I had any difficulty.

Empfehlung vom 2019-06-20 11:23:24

A rare positive surprise


Finally a recruiter that does excellent preparation before approaching possible candidates. I never talk to recruiters because they almost never really take their time upfront to know your skills and preferences. Iwan does exactly that. He is easy going and straight forward. He only asked the important questions and still delivered perfectly matching jobs straight from the beginning. Get surprised too, I would definitely recommend him!

Empfehlung vom 2019-04-16 19:38:19

Freundlich und individuell


Bei vielen Personalern fühlt sich die Kontaktaufnahme unpersönlich an, als würden nur Schlagwörter gesucht und verglichen. Nicht bei Iwan. Man spürt sofort, dass er selbst auch Software entwickelt hat, da er ein besseres Verständnis für Skills und Bedürfnisse erlangt. Seine Kunden werden eng und leidenschaftlich begleitet. Ich erinnere mich, als er mir Tipps für einen Programmiertest gegeben hat, oder mir beim aufbessern meines CV half. Iwan kann ich definitv weiterempfehlen!

Empfehlung vom 2019-03-16 04:29:44

It is rare to find recruiters who really care about your profile before suggesting you some job ad, Iwan is one of them.


I had the opportunity to be a good fit one of his clients and I was impressed how much this position was relevant and aligned with my knowledge and experience, he clearly took the time to understand what I was looking for before presenting me some options. Iwan is very direct and honest he also helped me with resources regarding salary negotiations which I am sure will be useful not only this time but for the rest of my career.

Empfehlung vom 2019-03-03 19:35:18


Unlike other recruiters, Iwan helped me navigate several interview processes and advised me also on employers that weren't clients of him. With his help I got an A+ offer in a company that I really like. Iwan trained me on salary negotiation which gave me the confidence to ask (and get!) more fixed salary. If you're a jobseeker in IT, I highly recommend working with Iwan to land your next job.

Empfehlung vom 2019-01-28 14:13:44

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