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Ionut Roghina

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Ionut Roghina - Personalvermittler

With offices in Berlin and London Caissa Global prides itself in diversity, professionalism, and reliability. In our work, we follow the principles of proactivity, ultimate efficiency, and continuous improvement. We take the initiative in our hands and keep our clients satisfied with both the process and the long-term result. We care for and respect each other and the people we engage with. Our team is committed to building and maintaining lasting relationships with our clients and candidates. At Caissa, we adhere to a strict ethical code and provide advice with your best interest at the core of what we do. Our company values are not mere clichés; they are aspects we integrate in practice every day. While each of our team members comes from a different background and has a particular set of skills, our values and our unique company culture bring us together.

Ionut has been with Caissa since the very early days and specialises in the recruitment of Technology professionals at all levels. He works on the basis of strong moral values, deep technical understanding, dedication in building long term relationships and expert market knowledge.

Ionut possess a thorough understanding of digital business requirements, AdTech, FinTech, eCommerce, mobile solutions and social media. Over the last few years been working with and developing a strong network of professionals within these fields especially in Berlin, Germany. His aim is to be the headhunter of choice for challenging assignments, where most recruiters fail to provide a quality driven, thorough and consistent process. Feel free to get in touch with him regarding all aspects of software development, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, whether you are hiring or looking for a new challenge in this field.

Meine Branchenschwerpunkte
IT & Internet
Skillbereiche auf die ich spezialisiert bin
Abteilungsleitung, Bereichsleitung
Betriebs-, Niederlassungs-, Filialleitung
Business Development
Teamleitung, Gruppenleitung
Consulting, Engineering
Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence
Embedded Systems
IT Leitung, Teamleitung
IT Prozessmanagement
Qualitätssicherung, Qualitätsprüfung
SAP/ERP-Beratung, Entwicklung
Systemadministration, Netzwerkadministration
Angebotene Vertragsarten
Mittleres Management
Oberes Management
Vorstand / Executive Search
Young Professionals
Angebotene offene Stellen
Vertriebsgebiet: Deutschland
Vertriebsgebiet von Ionut Roghina


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Dieser Personalberater hat noch keine Bewertung bekommen. Seien Sie die erste Person, die Ihre Bewertung abgibt.